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Our Services

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Virtual Support

Managing your schedule, remembering meetings and staying on top of things is key to a successful business. If you’re having trouble staying organized, our team can help you stay on top of things by answering emails on your behalf and managing your calendar to ensure reminders, meetings & deadlines are met. Furthermore, we can arrange & confirm travel arrangements, assist with project management and much more.


Bookkeeping & Data Entry

The repetitiveness of daily data entry and financial deadlines can be tedious and overwhelming. We’re here to ensure your company stays organized and your deadlines are met. Whether its receipt organizing and entry, reconciling accounts or filing remittances; you can focus on growing your company knowing that those day to day tasks are being handled.

Business Startup Assistance

Starting a new business can be stressful. We're here to assist you with setting up the back end of your company. We'll setup bookkeeping software, assist with obtaining information you require, or consult and guide you to ensure your business takes off on the right track. We can even teach you how to manage and allocate your cash flow.

See our full list of services here.

What Our Customers Say

Jesse Prud'Homme


Sabrina at TaskWave is the real deal. She has kept our operation running smoothly during the busiest and most demanding times. From day to day data entry and finance to industry-specific estimating and customer service, she is an admin powerhouse and has set the bar high on what we expect from an outsourced admin team.
She operates her business with integrity and has been a real blessing for a seasonal business like ours, allowing us to scale TaskWave services up on demand when things get busy. This has enabled us to be more responsive and better meet the needs of our customers when adverse weather strikes. Thank you, Sabrina!

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Laura Higgs

Small Business Owner

I would not hesitate to recommend Sabrina.  I have used her services many times over the years.   Always found her competent, organized, cheerful and to deliver more than expected.  She is an asset to any busy executive or business owner.  Well worth the investment.  


Fraser Rees


Sabrina at TaskWave has worked on various items in many departments for my company since 2009. She gives 110% into each task to ensure quality, organization and has always exceeded my expectations. She works well under pressure and ALWAYS delivers.
Each service that Sabrina acquires is always handled as if she was doing it for her own company. This has built an undeniable trust in her work. Her attention to detail has left no questions when she handles any finance, admin or any other jobs. Requesting a task in an area that she is less familiar with doesn’t seem to be a problem. She will take the time to build her knowledge and get it done with excellence. 
I highly recommend Sabrina at TaskWave to any business.



Sabrina has a strong work ethic, is tenacious and loves to get results that benefit the whole of the company. She is a result oriented entrepreneur who is skilled at having fun while digging to get the best results possible. Sabrina is a good person with a strong ethical background.

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