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The                    Story


Hello. I'm Sabrina Demore founder and operator of TaskWave. In 2007, I started working in finance and administration while maintaining my role in quality assurance, inventory control and customer service. Since I had prior experience with handling point of sale transactions and cash balancing since 1995, adding those responsibilities came naturally. As my skills developed, I took over company audits, performed marketing, maintained social media platforms, wrote company policies and even managed company budgets and cash flow in it's entirety.


The experience I've obtained over these years is substantial. I'm passionate about business owners like YOU achieve success. Your time is valuable. I want you to have the freedom to grow your business... period.


That's where TaskWave comes in. Pass on the responsibility of tedious tasks to TaskWave.  We can contribute quality, efficiency, effectiveness and deliver results while you focus on business development.


Every business is an opportunity for success and THAT is what's exciting about working with you.

"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus"

-Bruce Lee

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