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Great Ideas to build a Positive Culture

A positive environment can make or break employee culture in a business. A solid culture that’s based on positivity can increase motivation, happiness, and teamwork. This will also increase employee morale and engagement.

A culture that seems to have a basis of negativity can cause employees to feel unhappy, unwelcomed, and stressed. This can then lead to burnout and high turnover.

Since an organization's culture surrounds employees all the time (shared values, and attitudes), a positive culture built and maintained by managers within the organization has become essential.

Idea Number 1: Employee Job Satisfaction, While Creating Positive Culture

When your employees have job satisfaction, you will see that productivity, motivation, and employee loyalty will increase. This also means that increased business profits can be attainted. This can start out as simple as encouraging teamwork and ensuring positive communication.

Ensure a culture of teamwork and communication. If communication is truly open and honest to one another, employees will be able to bring forth concerns to the team and they will be answered with positive responses. Having this focus will effectively improve employee job satisfaction.

Idea Number 2: Recognize and Reward

A great practice to ensure job satisfaction is rewarding and recognizing your employees. Employees will feel appreciated with an increased satisfaction in their job when they receive rewards and recognition outside their salary. This can lead to higher motivation and productivity. This can be as simple as large positive employee feedback. This can cause other employees to want to achieve the same recognition.

Idea Number 3: Offer Some Flexibility

Everyone has different things going on in their lives. Commute stress, kids, mental illnesses including anxiety when arriving at the workplace. Offering your employees work flexibility can become critical. An example could be to offer an employee flexibility in their work schedule (leave work early or start later to help with commute problems). This can make the employee feel more satisfied with their job. Offering flexibility can also ensure work-life balance. When offering flexibility and ensuring work-life balance, it’s important for managers to respect their employees time-off.

Idea Number 4: Career Development

Another valuable way to improve employee job satisfaction is with career development. Employees are working towards their professional development and tools needed to grow as an employee. It's important to recognize this and assist employees in developing their careers.

Investing in training can be a start. When training is specific to each employee, they will feel cared about in the business. Developing their skills will increase their personal job satisfaction.

Idea Number 5: Conduct Surveys

Pulse Survey is a great survey to have your employees complete. They could be monthly or longer. Seeing the opinions of your employees can give you good insight into the culture of your business. Surveys may seem mundane to employees at first, but soon they will see that the answers that they provide in these surveys are extremely valuable to the culture of the organization. This helps to ensure that the employee's voice is heard. This makes each employee feel valued within the company.


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