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The last 2 years...

Have you ever scaled back, or took a break from something only to realize that’s what you really wanted the whole time?

During the last 2 years, I decided to scale back TaskWave to the basics. I kept it active, and I still had a few clients, but I was focused on other things (which was wonderful and I got to work with amazing people).

After 2 years with a full-time career and maintaining TaskWave during my “spare” time, I had a client ask if I was ok because my timing and detail wasn’t like it used to be. Oh my gosh. That’s not me. If my client doesn’t feel number ONE when working with me and receives superior service, then I’m not “doing TaskWave”. - Which is the main point of my business.

That’s when my love AND drive for TaskWave came flooding back.

I DO want my business to succeed. I DO want other businesses to succeed with my help. I DO want other business owners to work through and conquer their struggles with my help.

So here I am. Fully back in business with the passion and drive to help my fellow entrepreneurs.

Let’s grow together.


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1 Comment

Jesse Prud'Homme
Jesse Prud'Homme
Mar 31, 2023

Well said Sab. Keep up the good work!

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